Wednesday, April 02, 2008

God's Amazing Financing

Some of you may remember my desire to go to the Foursquare Convention in Houston. I shared how it was an impossibility with the cost of the ticket being over $1800 plus incidentals. My main reason for wanting to go is that the Mission department is going through a major transition. The director who made it possible for me to be a Foursquare Missionary has resigned and the new director is someone I have never heard of let alone met before.

Foursquare was generous enough to cover my registration and hotel but.... still there was no money in my pocket for an unplanned trip to the US for less then a week.

Last week I recieved an email that the deadline for registration was this last Friday. I had pretty much resigned myself that I wouldn't be going. Then a little bit ago I talked to a dear friend who said that she had money she wanted to give me for the trip. And as only God can do, it was plenty, plus I was able to find an even cheaper flight on a carrier that I have frequent flier miles on.

Praise God for His Faithful Love and Care

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