Monday, April 14, 2008

An Act of Worship

Mondays are typically my "Sabbath Day". I have been learning what that means to rest in the Lord and to put aside "ALL" work...emails, computer stuff, ministry, etc. It has been a bit of a pendulum swing trying to find the right balance without being legalistic while at the same time really trusting Jesus and understanding that HE is God and I'm not. Meaning that I will not be able to FINISH. This of course has been a great challenge for someone like me who has a strong need to have closure. Yet in it all have found a greater peace and trust in Jesus than I could ever imagine. I also have begun to experience a level of freedom that I could not have thought possible before. Let me just share with you about my Monday.

Who would have thought that paying the bills could be an act of worship?

I walked into town to get money from the ATM & pay my bills before spending time with Jesus at my favorite cafe. A month or so ago I wouldn't have allowed myself to pay the bills on Monday as it is my "SABBATH". But today all the way into town I prayed for God's help with my finances...we discussed various options of which there really aren't any. I voiced my concern of my quickly diminishing bank account, the dollar value dropping like a rock, and the cost of living skyrocketing to the European standard. Realizing all the while I may not have money to pay the bills that come next week let alone buy food. As I reached the ATM I realized that I have been faithful to do, give, share, budget, tithe in every way. I have no choice but to trust Jesus. I put in my card and took out my 450 zloty to pay the phone bill & condo dues. Thinking that that would give me 50 zloty for whatever but with the fees for paying the bills it cost me 21 zloty more. Jesus I Trust You!

On my way to the cafe I thought I would stop and see one of my students who works across the street from the post office where I paid my bills. I asked about her health, as she has been sick and if she would be joining us for lessons this week. Stuff like that. Like I usually do. Then out of the blue she invited me to have coffee with her. We talked about this and that...then one thing led to another. All of a sudden I found myself sharing my life with Jesus. The grace, love, freedom and peace I've found in Him. We talked about how Jesus made away for us to have direct conversation to the Father and how I read my Bible. By the time we ended our conversation I had been there 3 hours. Jesus starts and He finishes things. I pray that the power of His true word would be firmly planted in this woman's life that she might know the freedom that comes from being in a personal relationship with Jesus.

The numbers in my bank account may continue to diminish but the joy and life that I experience with Jesus is worth it all.

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Anonymous said...

That's right...Jesus is all about increase! Just saying that and believing that is an Act of Worship!! Great story of Faith! Bob W.