Saturday, December 11, 2004

Being a Blessing

This last weekend our little fellowship took on a BIG TASK. We felt that it was time for us to invest in others as you (our brothers & sisters in Jesus) have invested in us. You have believed in us and invested time, money and most of all yourself. I challenged our church to ask God what they were to give and how they were to serve to forward on the blessing they have received. The financial part was a great challenge for them as they come from meager means, but they really took it seriously. They have already share with me how they have experienced such joy be investing in these people.

Our Blessing consists of two parts: an outreach to children, building “Gingerbread Houses” and the second part was adopting a pastor and his family, along with another family we are in relationship with for a weekend in the mountains.

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Gingerbread Houses

Preparing for the actual gingerbread house building party was much more effort than I had thought. Mostly because the recipe didn’t clearly communicated how much dough was actually needed to make one house and how many batches of frosting were necessary for one house. In the midst of the mounds of flour, the stacks of egg shells and the clouds of powder sugar we had a lot of fun.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Construction Process

Saturday morning at 11:00 we found ourselves packed into our little office with 11 children, 7 adults intently building Gingerbread Houses. All in all they were fascinated by the whole process. In the end we had 10, colorful, tasty works of art.

Kasia, Kayleigh, Ola, and Ania celebrating their accomplishment. Posted by Hello

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Finished products. Posted by Hello

Natalia rebuilding the collapsed house. Posted by Hello

The reinforcements have been called in to reinforce the structures. Posted by Hello

Maybe the roof will stay on this time. Posted by Hello

A delicate keep the roof on. Posted by Hello

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Masterpieces in the making. Posted by Hello

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I'm going to put banana chips on my roof. Posted by Hello

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Can you believe it they stand! Posted by Hello

Bit by bit they come together. Posted by Hello

Humm. Do I have all the pieces? Posted by Hello

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Fun & Vacation Time

Part 2 of the Blessing
We had two families for the weekend.
We went to the castle in Niedzica.

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A Mountain Top Experience

After dinner at McDonald’s we enjoyed a chilly afternoon, taking in the fresh air atop the mountain Gubalowka. The children particularly enjoyed the train ride and the remnant of snow.

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