Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Brief Furlough Stats

I'm almost at the 8th month mark of my furlough & was thinking of all the things that have happened or I've done & it overwhelmed me to think about trying to write everything. So, I thought I would do what the newspapers do....brief stats:

  • I've been in 4 States & 3 countries
  • Driven 6 different cars
  • Hoofed it or took the bus for 1.5 months
  • Attended 2 Pastor's conferences, 2 Women's conferences, & 2 Missions conferences
  • Had coffee w/ Jesus @ my "mobile office" Starbuck's
  • Participated in 1 Missionary training & 1 Ecumenical Think Tank
  • Have had 3 days @ the OR coast & am taking 2 days on the WA peninsula
  • Celebrated the 1st Thanksgiving w/ my family in 13 years
  • Had Christmas in Seattle for the 5th time in the last 23 years
  • Went to a New Year's party w/ old friends....the 1st one in I don't know how long
  • Worshipped our Lord in more fellowships than I can count...as many as 5 a weekend but an average of 3
  • Stayed in more beds than I can remember
  • Witnessed 1 wedding
  • Hung out at Eastside
  • Have driven 8400 miles since January 1
  • For the 1st time have earned Primer Status w/ frequent flyer miles
  • Have personally contacted 31 different Foursquare churches & their pastors (multiple times - I like looping around)
  • Had snuggle time with my nieces
  • Went to movies with friends
  • Was humble almost daily when my Mom would whip me in cards
  • Pampered my Mom's grass
  • Currently have 70% of the budget needed for me to return on June 10th

So as you can see it is a bit much to go into detail but if you want the unabridged version give me a call.