Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Beginning of Expectancy Unfolded

The other day I had the great pleasure to share a meal with 4 very incredible Young Adults. All of them have a hunger for more of Jesus. And each one of them are individuals that exhibit the character and heart of Jesus. It was a great time to share how we desire to grow in Jesus and our personal expectations, needs, and desires.

As a result of our time together we decided that we needed to start meeting regularly in Nowy Targ. There were a number of reasons but the greatest was that more and more people seem to be interested and the travel to Zakopane is too difficult because of the lack of private vehicles and the time it takes to travel by public transportation. “If only we could meet in Nowy Targ those with a strong desire to grow in Jesus could attend more regularly. And those that are seeking would feel more comfortable visit without being stuck without return transportation.”

There was also the desire to have a meeting just for young people. They all expressed their love for the “Ladies” in the church but they are 2 generations older than them. Talk about a GENERATION GAP – Yikes! Their spiritual needs are also quite different.

So, what does all this mean…
Starting Wednesday they will begin working on the rooms in my basement to prepare the big room for a new meeting space.

What needs to be done?
The 2 small rooms need to be cleaned and secured (locks etc.) so that the items stored in the large room can be move.
The large room needs to be cleaned out and consulted into the small rooms.
The large room needs the following:
Wall board and insulation (sound proofing)
Sound proof door and locks
New windows
Tile for around the sink (we have a sink)
Light fixtures
Sound equipment

We hope to have this room ready for use by the time the team from Seattle comes the end of March.
Monday we will start a home group/Bible study in my home until the new room is ready.

Please pray with us that the Lord would be in the midst of all of our time together.

If you would like to help with the costs of this project you may send your tax-deductible donations to Friendship Ministries, T.L. P.O. Box 8387, Kirkland, WA 98034 USA

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Christmas in February?

A little more than a week ago I had the opportunity to join some people from the Charismatic Catholic community in Nowy Targ for an evening of Prayer and Praise.

I don’t know what it is when I have the time to actually WALK I seem to hear the voice of the Lord a bit clearer. This was one of those situations. I’m not sure if it was the fact that the snow was falling heavily, adding yet another layer onto the already winter wonderland. Or if it was the stillness created by the thick blanket of snow together with the evening air. The whole scene looked more like Christmas time than mid-February, at least to a once Seattleite. Or maybe it was because that day was the 1st day of winter break. Then again it could have been because I had just spent an incredible few days with my good friends (Family) from Switzerland. But whatever the reason I had the distinct sense of expectancy. Expectancy of what, was unclear but there was that inner peace & growing anticipation of what could be. It reminded me very much of the feeling a child has at Christmas of what might be under the tree.
What great surprise has my Dad found for me?

For I did not receive a spirit that makes me a slave to fear, but I received the Spirit of sonship. And by Him (Jesus Christ) I cry, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit Himself testifies with my spirit that I am God’s child. Romans 8:15-16