Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What's Up Doc?

After nearly 3 months of bed rest I'm UP on my feet more than not. Being mobile has made mental capacity much more functional as well. What happened you may ask? Well, I slipped on some ice outside my front door, fell, and broke both bones just above my left ankle. I had the opportunity to spent Valentine's Day having surgery. Now things are looking up. I can drive with minimal pain. Sometimes I can even walk without crutches. It is the little things in life that can bring the greatest joy.

During my laying around time we had the Uturn snow camp in Zakopane. Some 20 people attended. The theme was "Digging Deeper" - in relationships with Jesus and each other. We had guests from Holland, USA, Taiwan and Romania. It was a very flexible camp with lots of time to spend together, getting to know one another.

The end of March a started a new job. I'm substitute teaching an English class at the local College. It is an opportunity to have a new circle of influence here in Nowy Targ. I've enjoyed it so far. It's just until the end of June.

April 30th marked the end of an era for Drzewo Zycia (Tree of Life) church in Zakopane. We were evicted from our "comfortable" little room. But there is a new excitement in the air, an anticipation of what God is going to do next.

On April 30th God provided a Miracle of a new place for 1/2 the price per meter square and it 100 square meters instead of 22. The location is GREAT! Everyone said that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to find anything as good as we had. But Jesus is so wonderful and amazing that he gave us a place that is bigger and better for a better price. It will still be a big step of faith as the total cost will be 2x what we have been paying. But Jesus provided the space he will see it through. I'm so looking forward to what Jesus wants us to do with this place.