Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When Am I Going Home...to Poland?

That's a great question!
My return ticket is scheduled for February 25.....but.....
As I have prayed and evaluated my goals for this time: Family time, building relationships with Foursquare pastors in the area & relaxing I feel like I can't get it done in the time I have left. I would have thought that 5 months would be plenty of time.

I guess I'm still learning that God's timing and wise are different from mine. Let me just summarize for you.

The 1st clue was Carol is getting married the weekend AFTER I'm scheduled to leave. Literally 2 days. I feel it is important for me to be there. I'm not sure how God is going to pay for it but I sent the RSVP in faith.

I have pastors who want to meet & talk with me & I literally have NO dates available. I have never had this problem before. Usually I can't find a pastor who would be interested at all.

There is only one niece that I have never been at here for her birthday. Guess when her birthday is? Less than a week after my schedule departure.

There is an important Foursquare Women in Leadership retreat that I have been encouraged to attend & to be apart of a brainstorming session.

And there is the issue of my funding...but...see it as merely the Lord's way of confirming that it is the right time to go.

Oh, I had some friends who offered to pay the fee to change my ticket.

It has been clear that I should longer but how much longer....exactly?
While I was enjoying the Blessing of the Lord of staying with my dear friends Marian & Bill, I felt the Lord say I should wait for a fresh Pentecost. A fresh anointing of His presence & a fresh power of the Holy Spirit in my life. Because just like the disciples waited for the Holy Spirit to come upon them, to empower them to do the work of God's service, the Lord desires to do the same in me for the next season in Poland.

So keeping with the Pentecost theme, 50 days from this little "revelation" would put my departure the end March first part of April. I would like to be in Poland before Easter.

Please pray for God's peace, provision, & wisdom

Monday, February 02, 2009

My Cat-Likeness

I feel like a cat who has been moved from its home.

I've heard it said that dogs are attached to the people & thus will go wherever their "master" goes. As long as the dog is with its owner they are happy.

Cats on the other hand are more attached to their surroundings. It's not that they aren't attached to their people but it is their surroundings that bring a sense of stability to their lives.

I don't know if it is because I have a strong independent streak, I'm older & not as flexibile as I once was but I find myself struggling to find myself without my "home surroundings" in Poland.

I'm now on my 5th month away from "home". The schedule has been basically 2-3 weeks in Seattle at my Mom's followed by 2 weeks on the road...somewhere.

I have been so blessed by all the people & places the Lord has openned to me. I have been amazed by the relationships & connections.

Recently when people ask me what I miss about Poland I have a hard time describing exactly...Like a cat the only thing I seem to be able to articulate is "home" & the people who are there.

Pray for God's grace for this season to continue & that I would recieve all that the Lord would have for me during this time.

Especially since I sense the Lord would have me extend my stay into March. It is a long time for this cat to be away from Home.