Sunday, October 09, 2011

International Kite Day Comes to the Village

Today is International Kite Day...A new piece of information for me.  But today we, as a church did something a bit unusual. We move church to the village...Kluszkowce, in the Czorstyn Lake area to be exact.
Rays of Hope
We decided to "BE" the church by supporting one of our emerging leaders as she & her time bring life & hope to their community. It was a great opportunity to begin bridging the gap to those who have been recently saved in the village. Those who have given their lives to Jesus have done so because they have seen the "hope" that is within Natalia & she has been able to give an answer for that hope.
Here are some pictures from the Kite Festival....
Oh by the way I won the adult category :)

The Fireman with is Monkey

A Clown's Trade

Adjustments must be made
The Kite Doctors
Natalia with her sister

Kite filled skies

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Anniversary Quiz

It is amazing the kind of perspective one gets after 25 years of ministry & 15 years of living among a particular people. I wish I could say it was all wisdom. I have put together a trivia quiz to share with you some of what I have learned & experienced.

left to right - bottom to top:
(a) banana (b) coffee (c) mulling spices (d) peanut butter (e) lime (f) brown sugar (g) oreo (h) celery (i) reese's mini cups (j) M & M's (k) can pineapple (l) cassette tape (m) lemon (n) Irish cream coffee syrup

Which of the item(s) above were/are/was/is:

  1. purchased in Poland?
  2. used to "grease the wheels" when crossing the borders in the 1980's?
  3. included in AmPol care packages during communism?
  4. comfort food brought from USA?
  5. started a pie baking craze when 1st discovered?
  6. cost more than $3.50, today?
  7. the root form has been commonly used in Poland for years?
  8. controlled "substance" during communism?
  9. brought as gifts during communism?
  10. new within the last year in Poland?

The answers are:
  1.  a,b,d,e,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n
  2. b
  3. a,e,k,m
  4. c,i
  5. e
  6. b,d,f,n
  7. h
  8. l
  9. a,b,j,l
  10. g
If you got ______ questions correct:
9 - 10 You are old enough to remember "when" & tell some "unbelieveable" stories
7 - 8    You have been around enough to understand that decisions & actions of a few politicians can    effect the lives of many for generations.
5 - 6    You've had pierogi at Russian restaurant.
3 - 4    You've been to Victoria & felt like you were in an exotic "European country"
1 - 2    You're an expert on the foreign foods found at Costco