Friday, January 09, 2009

Support Update

My Budget is finally finished.....

It has been quite the process to see how much money others (Mission Board supports) expect "should" be raised to adequately take care of a!

I have found if very freeing to have someone bigger than me say that I am entitled to a salary, insurance, retirement and even a vacation. Wow!

I hadn't even really thought about that. Whatever the Lord provided went for ministry, living, travel, etc, & I just trusted Jesus for the rest. I think that on the outside I look pretty calm & cool but I know that on the inside there was a great deal of stress. This also put a lot of stress on my time in the US. Mostly because I knew I needed these things but I didn't feel I could really ASK.

I feel so much more freedom in this process...

So, some of you have been wondering and asking what is the budget:

In expenses, hospitality, travel, vacation, insurance, taxes, retirement + the extra 20% Foursquare requires us to raise.......
Drum roll please:
The next question usually is "How much do you have raised?"......$1500/mo confirmed. I have a number of churches and individuals that are interesting in partnering but they haven't given me a definite number.

So if you are/or have been thinking about becoming a financial partner I would appreciate you letting me know that you are partnering and how much. This will help me keep everyone up-to-date on my status. Thank you for your prayers!

I currently need:
10 Churches @ $250/mo
20 Individuals @ $50/mo

There are now 3 ways that you can send your contribution.

1. CHECK: make out your check to “Mission Dispatch”
attach a post it note with “Denise Johnson” written (IRS regulation)
mail it to: Mission Dispatch, 21911-76th Ave W Suite 211
Edmonds, WA 98026.
2. “Bill Payer”:On-line banking service with your band that is usually free.
Set up the payment schedule by completing the internet prompters
Company/Bill: Mission Dispatch
Address: is above
Phone number: 425-775-0564.
Account: “DJohnsonPoland”

3. PayPal, accessible on our revised website:
*Be sure to enter "Denise Johnson" in the Missionary Name box as they process donations for a number of missionaries.

Please note that PayPal charges a 2.2% fee as well as a $.30 charge per transaction (deducted after you submit your donation). Therefore, a $25.00 donation will reach us as an amount of $24.15.

Options 1 & 2 have no fees for me attached to them and may be without fees for you as well. Option 3 does have a charge attached.
The goodnews about all 3 Options is that they are all tax deductible for you! YEAH!