Friday, July 24, 2009

Highlights from this week

What was your highlight of the day/week?

Today I met Victor Ashe the US ambassador to Poland. What delightful person! He came to Krakow and on his agenda was to visit the grand opening of "More than a Cookie"'s second cafe.

Ambassador Ashe cutting the ribbon, Quenten, Cindy & Paul Marty

This is the work of an American family who worked as missionaries to Ukraine for years & when their time was up decided to make their home in Krakow and start a business that the whole family can participate in. Today Paul & Cindy Marty, together with their son, daughter, their spouses & a number of children greeted the public & the US ambassador while treating everyone to free samples of American baked goodies. Please pray for this family as they share the love of Jesus through their baking, care, & service.

Cindy & Paul @ the main More Than a Cookie shop

I met with Cindy earlier this week to share stories. As we talked we found many places I lives connected. One of those was the cafe. Some of you may remember that number of years ago I had the vision of starting a cafe here where the church could reach out to the community, serve good coffee & American style baked goods. "More than a Cookie" is just what I had envisioned. So we are talking about how we can support one another & looking into the possibility of a More than a Cookie cafe in Nowy Targ. It is the early stages but very cool.

It seems to fit with the Lord challenging me to believe for MORE!!!!!

Krzysiek @ The More Than a Cookie in the Krakow city center.

Another Highlight this week...was driving on a new stretch of highway that has just opened between here & Krakow. I can't wait til they finish the road repair than the new section of highway will really have an impact on my "commute" to Krakow.

This is a section of Zakopianka that I'm waiting to be worked on.

A third Highlight was meeting with my Friend Pastor Wojtek in Krakow. I always come away inspired & encouraged. We talked about our plans & schedule for the next 9 months or so. Pray for me that I will keep motivated to do the "paperwork" stuff of these plans. The nearest events is an outreach in NowyMe with Pastor Wojtek & Bob (Sue not pictured) Taber are missionaries in Poland

Huta (subburb of Krakow) August 10-12 that Wojtek is doing. Then there is an outreach in Brzesko (where I did the parenting classes) August 13-14. I will try to get some of the people from Nowy Targ to come be a support. It is a great opportunity for us to work together for the Kingdom & to support & encourage one another. Please pray that the Presence of the Lord would be felt & that many would come into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Wojtek also invited me to a meeting with some other local pastors the end of August. This is a group of leaders who can help to get the fellowship in Nowy Targ registered. This is a big deal & can make a big difference on what & how we do things. Please pray for favor & the Lord's divine direction.

I also dreamed of the "new car" the Lord would find for me. I thought one of these might be nice...or at least a lot of fun to drive.

As some of you know I was hoping to get enough money from the re-fi of my condo to purchase a replacement for my current car. It has 245,000 kilometers on it & is starting to need more & more maintainence. Unfortunately, the re-fi only provided $6500 of the needed $10,000 & the dollar has lost ground against the Polish Zolty. What I'm looking for is a 2005-7, 5 door Opel, Ford, VW, KIA, power locks, security system, power mirrors. I would prefer a diesel as it is about $1.00 least a gallon (so I would pay a sale price of $4.00/gal). For my own "sinful" wants I would like to have a good CD/mp3 player, 4-6 speakers (I love my time in the car with Jesus), a fun color (everything seems to be red or silver...I've had both) & AC.

I'm looking forward to see what creative ways God is going to do this! Please pray with me that it would be seen as God's provision & miraculous finance.