Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Life's Twists & Turns

I realize that it has been awhile since I have written a newsletter or updated my blog. I want to let you know what is happening at this time and ask for your prayers.

It has truly been a month of incredible blessings...My thoughts have been filled with the question "Who are these people?" As I have been an observer of God's hand in the life's of those precious people around me. The dynamic growth and genuine joy is amazing. Only God can do those things in a person's life.

In my life, I have seen the Lord urge me on to new areas of challenge that require me to find courage to things that I have failed in only to see Him be glorified. The latest point of risk was teaching the Women's Retreat all weekend in Polish, when I thought that I would be the support person and not the lead.

Life is "funny" though, when everything is cruising along there often seems to be a TWIST that jumps up in the road ahead. It is one of those twists that popped up in my road. Late Saturday night I learned that my Dad is dying. It is difficult to embrace such a truth when I am in the middle of so much new growth and life. Even yesterday the 73 year old in our fellowship danced a "rap solo" during worship. Yet, the road twists.

Despite being aware of the fact that my father's health was failing, coming to terms with the reality is another matter. Even as I write this there is a foggy distance between me, my heart, my emotions and the reality that my father's body is tired of the fight against this world.

Last night I spoke with my Mom and she confirmed that my Dad is in his last days. By the time you read this he may have already past on. I ask for your prayers for myself, my family and for my Dad that he really puts his life right with the Lord.

On the practical side, when I was in the US I had a number of medical tests, procedures and the like done myself. I do have insurance but as of today I have not received the settlement and as a result I have maxed out my credit card ($5000) with the medical payments. I really feel that it is important that I can be with my family at this time. However, I have no financial resources to purchase a ticket and the money needed for expenses while in the US.

The Lord has already been working out details on this side. Carol will take my classes while I gone as she has not left for her furlough in Switzerland, yet. My permanent residence card is still in process but I just learned that everything is on schedule and I can finish the process up on Wednesday, September 29th. I’m hoping to leave by the end of the week. If you feel prompted to help financially you can send a check to Friendship Ministries, TL PO Box 8387, Kirkland, WA 98034 or you can make a direct deposit into my account through the donation credit card symbol on this blogspot.

Thanks so much for your prayers, concern, love and support!
In Christ,

PS. See the previous entry for a look at me with my Dad.

Me and My Dad Enjoying the summer sun

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