Monday, June 23, 2014

Because YOU asked: How's Your Mom?

Mom with Aunt June
I'm reminded that little over 3 years ago my Mom's life was miraculously spared after having a brain aneurysm.  This time has been filled with many adventures & challenges for us all but Mom has been an amazing trooper through all the surgeries, rehabs, hospital stays, and infections.
My brother Warren with the Cousins
During it all I have been blessed with many gifts in the midst of the challenges.

  1. I now have an amazing relationship with my brother. We never had much of a chance to know each other as adults before Mom's illness. Since then, we have been room mates, we've laughed, we cried, moved Mom 2 major times. Now we talk nearly once a week :) I look forward to talking to him.
  2. I've had the joy of seeing my Mom happy in her Assisted Living Home & her current Adult Family Home. I have had fun taking her to movies & shopping. And most recently being her own personal shopper...never thought that was a skill I had. 
  3. I've watched the far reaching arm of my Mom's relationships & how much so many people really love her. I've also had the joy of some of them telling me that I have done a good job in caring for mom. 
  4. I'm incredibly blessed to have so many friends of my own & people from my church that have loved me by loving my mom.
  5. The Party
  6. Everyday I'm so grateful to know that my Mom has no pain. Every nurse & doctor I've talked to about her condition is astounded. 
Playing "footsie"
As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in the US in April. At that time there were some issues around some pressure sores that mom had. After talking with every doctor I could find, in the end Mom was accepted into the Evergreen Hospice program. Before returning to Poland, we were able to put on a party for mom at Vineyard Park where she was living. Some 30 people came to celebrate Mom. Mom's sister Aunt Patty was able to be there, along with two of my cousins from California & one from Spokane. 
The weekend following the party Mom was able to move to her new home at a wonderful Adult Family Home where she is getting great care. She said that she has never been so well cared for. 
She looks pretty good but you can tell that she is getting weaker.
Which is why, after the Missionary Women's Retreat that I'm hosting the end of the week I will be returning to Seattle for a month.
Mom this last week

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Leslie T said...

She is an amazing woman so brave and gracious