Monday, June 23, 2014

Because you Asked: Where in the World ARE You?

Great Question!
Salzburg Austria

Eagle's Nest Germany
Well, today I'm sitting in my living room in Nowy Targ but in the last 6 months it feels like I've been all over the globe. Close but not quite.
I was in the US for a month at Christmas. Another month in April & I leave for yet another month in July. Most of which is related to my Mom's deteriorating health.
I've made a couple of trips to Budapest. And one trip to Timisoara, Romania. I've had opportunities to share in Poland as well, with the Baptists, the Catholic community in Krakow, and the Church of God.
Fountain in Salzburg
I even got a visit to Austria & Switzerland in in May.
My good friend Cathy & her mom Mary came to Salzburg for a "Sound of Music" experience. I got to join them on their adventure. We had a great time reliving all things "Sound of Music"
After dropping them at their river cruise I took the opportunity to go visit my good friend Elisabeth in Bern Switzerland.
On my way home I got to see Linz, Austria through the eyes of the Foursquare pastor's there. I love getting to know a new place their the experiences & lives of the people who have history in that place. It gives the buildings & landscapes a voice.
Joachium & Mihilda
I discovered on the way home that I didn't take the most direct route but I sure had a good time! Beautiful landscapes & a wonderful times with Jesus & singing at the top of my lungs.
Salzburg by night

Heilbrun fountains
Swiss countryside
Thun Switzerland
Swiss Country cottage

Salzburg by night

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