Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Because YOU Asked: What about the Women Missionaries' Retreat?

Dispelling the Darkness - Awakening Europe

Thanks to the prayers, monthly connections, and faithful giving of the small groups in homes, churches & individuals who just jumped on board to make this event a reality.

The first event of its kind (that I'm aware of) where the Foursquare Missionary Women from a particular region have come together to: Worship, pray, connect, laugh, build relationships for a week without their husbands & kids.

This is something that has been on my heart for about a decade. I am so grateful & blessed to have so many pastors & friends that believe in me.  You all eagerly jumped in with both feet together with me. You connected your missionaries, you prayed with knowledge, you partnered with them as they sought God for the funds to make the trip. 

There are 14 missionaries registered & 7 ministry members that are on they way to serve us. The Lord has already made it a success and the 1st person hasn't arrived yet. YOU, and what God has done in & through you is a major breakthrough. 

The Lord has opened doors in my community to really bless every person & at the time for me to bless my community. 

Please continue to pray for all who will be attending that the Lord would continue to keep them & their families safe. There have already been a number of situations where either the missionary or a member of her family has had a health issue. Most people will be coming by plane but 3 will be traveling by car.

Friday evening June 27th we will start our time together. 

Please pray that we will be united in Christ & that we will be able to draw in those who were unable to attend. That the bonds of our relationships will be strengthened & deepened in a way that we couldn't have thought possible.
Tomorrow I make my 1st trip to the airport.  

I will attempt to keep you updated throughout the week on this website.
It will probably be mostly pictures.
But like "they" say... a picture is like a thousand words.

Dear Jesus, may this bring a mighty breakthrough on this continent for your name sake!

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Leslie T said...

Enjoy! Your hard work had been fruitful!