Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creating a New Culture of Service

In the US we have survived on a culture of giving and serving others.  Random Acts of Kindness ... and Adopt a Road programs are common place. But in other parts of the world those are the responsibility or have been the responsibility of the government.  The current world financial crisis has strained those resources that once paid individuals to "care" for the environment and the individual needs of the most needy. Resulting in unmet needs and societies that have little or no experience with volunteerism.
Natalia, my intern, has formed an association that is dedicated to meeting some of those needs in their villages. They have organized workshops for children, youth, women, and whole family.  One such activity was to clean up around Lake Czorstyn. These amazing young adults: solicited funds, prizes, advertising, community partnership, and participates from all age groups.
It was truly a proud moment for the whole community when they counted the more than 200 bags of trash that were collected.

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