Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An Irish Adventure

This is my first time in Ireland. In some ways I feel very much at home. It is so green and the rain is very similar to Seattle but these days I'm not so sure that I'm a Seattlite. Ireland's booming economy has prompted many Poles to come here for work. It is estimated that there are 120,000 Poles living in Ireland a country of a little more than 4 million. At the moment I'm in Galway on the West coast of Ireland. It is believe that there at 10,000 Poles in this city of 60,000. So, about 1/7 people you meet on the street speaks Polish. In the time I've been here I would say that it true. There are Polish people everywhere; shop assistants, wait staff, shopping, walking and chatting, pushing baby carriages. So, the Polish part of me feels a bit at home.

Though there are a lot of Poles you don't see many of them mixing with the Irish. I wonder why? Maybe it is the language? But all the Poles I have run into in shops and service industries speak great English, they even sound a bit Irish...at least to me.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I had the opportunity to see some of the countryside. We went to a place where Ireland resembles the moon.
I wonder what Jesus is doing in this situation with these 2 cultures mixing together? Pray for me as I watch, observer, seek God's heart and pray. What would He have me to do? If anything? How can I help and/or support the Polish people who live here? Is there anyway for me to help the church in Ireland connect with these Polish people? Jesus reveal your heart!
Lord may these stones cry out with Praise to you that all the people here would know You and glorify Your Name!

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Alexis said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful time there! I'm so glad. :) I will be praying that the Polish in Ireland will begin to mesh with the Irish culture. Blessings and I miss being there, eat some stew for me :)