Monday, September 22, 2008

God's provision

It's funny...You think you understand family, or church but it isn't until you have needs that you see the substance of your beliefs. Saturday I had a work party at my condo. There were 6 people I had never met who had come to paint my place to get it ready for the next tenants. They came from all backgrounds: a single mom with 2 kids, college student, a retired personal shopper, a near retirement nurse in a correctional institution, a professional painter and his new hire. What do they all have in common? Jesus! And a willingness to share what they have or have recieved with others. I was the reciepient of a huge blessing. They painted the whole condo in one day. All I have left is a bit of touch up and clean up.

Thank you Jesus for sending these people to bless me.

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