Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Honor

Yesterday...the eternal day of travel from Nowy Targ to Seattle, I was struck with how honored I am to be Jesus servant. The honor of serving the people of Poland for Jesus. I think of all the young adults in my life who I have had the priviledge of speaking truth, hopefully more God's truth than my own, into their lives. I have had the opportunity to see them take their "1st steps" so to speak in Jesus, independent life, finding their unique place in the Body of Christ, learning how to be men and women of integrity. And each time I feel like a parent watching their child perform in the school play. What an intense feeling of honor to know them and pride to see who each one of them have become and are in the process of becoming. Thank you for letting me be a voice in your lives. I pray that it comes from the heart of Jesus.

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