Friday, March 14, 2008

When God shows His Faithfulness while changing a Flat

This last fall when I put the winter tires on the mechanic said that I should get new ones soon. Unfortunately, I didn't have money for new tires. But the Lord was so faithful that we have had a very mild winter and rather short. I have been driving what seems to be everywhere, lately. I went swimming in Slovakia at the hot spring water park with a good friend. We had a great time of fellowship that was continued on our 2.5 hour long cut when we missed the turn. Or my 2-3 trips to Krakow a week.

Tuesday on one such excursion to Krakow, I was enjoying the sunny weather on the way home. I had just exited the highway when I noticed that sound....that sound that says you better stop fast. And guess what! There was an empty driveway. The flat was on the passenger side away from the heavy traffic.

Sometimes it is so strange how you get those unexplainable feelings that your Heavenly Father is truly orchestrating all the details of your life.

My snow tires lasted just long enough to get through the winter. I didn't have to deal with inclament weather. I had a safe flat place to change the tire. The spare was in good shape and full of air. I had daylight.

I'm always surprised when my feelings of joy come when in the past I might be frustrated or even upset.

By the way I changed the tire in 10 minutes and made it home on time to teach my English lesson.

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