Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life Hurts God Heals Bible Study

In January I started a "Life Hurts God Heals" Bible Study in Krakow. It is together with the College/Career group of another church in Krakow. I would like to share with you a testimony I recently recieved from one of the participants.

Beloved!!I'm truly blessed by Bible Study we're going through during the time of our small group. Some words spoken there, verses, has been working in me all week long, everyday. The ability of getting to know You better is a real privilege and pleasure to me. It also feels very good to see how we gradually open ourselves to one another. I still believe it's just a beginning!!Praise the Lord for only He has the power to connect right people in the right time.I thank You all, I thank Denise! We need this course, after starting it I discovered how much I needed it. In many fields of our lives healing is necessary. We're all young people, but we've all got some experiences, smaller or bigger wounds taken from relationships with our parents or relationships with girls/guys that turned out to be not right.Our God is Great, full of mercy and mightiness and He's only One who's got the power to turn them into His glory!!Greetings, see You all on Thursday:OlaP.S. These things touched me the most:1. Faithfullness in little things- then bigger will follow2. The fact we don't need to understand everything. Full understanding that this or that situation looks different way we expected it to look like is simply not our point. It would set us above God. How relieving truth it is:) Ola

Please pray for this group as we get deeper and they will have to face issues within themselves

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