Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jesus transforms Me

Sometimes life travels at such a fast pace that it seems like it was just last year when I made my first visit to Poland or last month when I moved here. Yet when I look around I have to pinch myself to believe that this is really Poland, daily life has changed so much. I have done many things over the years from speaking at camps and churches to starting a church and hosting a large international youth camp. But the one thing that has remained the same is that I have been one who has loved and shared the life of Jesus in the truth and grace of God's word. And particularly with young adults.
Today was our 4th Bible Study on the Sermon on the Mount: Confronting the Culture in which we live. Every week has been different...not because I planned that way but because that is how God chose to meet the needs of those who came. I like order and some element of consistency but this has not resembled anything that I would have planned. It has been on different days, different times, usually starting late and ending when we end. But through it all there has been a distinct presence of the Holy Spirit. It isn't about me, or the format, or even the is about Jesus and us sitting at His feet and listening to his voice.
Today was particularly special as we had 5 people (other than myself) 2 of whom I would say are individuals seeking to understand who God can be in their lives. And tonight they were able to really voice that desire. The others really shared what they wanted to see Jesus do in their lives not just things they wanted to have or be changed but how they wanted Jesus to live in and through them.
I'm always surprised how Jesus can use the same tools (me, Bible Study, etc) in new and different ways. I guess that is why in my heart I'm still "28" though I can tell "I remember when ..." stories like an eighty year old.

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