Thursday, November 08, 2007

Listening for Jesus' Voice in Everyday Life

Us many of you know I just returned from 6 weeks in the US. Usually when I schedule a trip to the States I have almost every moment planned long before I leave Poland. This trip was different. For some strange reason, most of the people I would generally meet with were so relaxed or something that I couldn't anyone to make a concrete date. I thought Oh Well, something will work out.

Little did I know what would take place. I found myself on the road with inconsistent phone access, most of the time without a cell, and generally internet access. So how does one schedule time with other individuals? The old fashioned don' just show up. Just ask my brother.

To tell you the truth, it reminded me of traveling in Communist Eastern Europe. You would spend a lot of time listening to the Holy Spirit as to when, where and how you would meet the people God would have for you.

This morning when I was having breakfast with Jesus, I was sharing my frustration with feeling pressure to do and be a particular way. Then I had a "novel" idea, what if I just submit my day to Jesus. You know, actually give Him permission to direct my day and to re-plan my agenda.

Almost immediately, the person who I was supposed to meet with called, she said not to come because she was ill. I can't tell you what a relief I felt just not having to do that one thing. Then I made some phone calls that I would have procrastinated making when I was feeling overwhelmed. This resulted in a meaningful conversation with a friend, and scheduling some needed repairs.

I decided to walk into town to pay a bill and give some fliers to one of my students. On the way I read the community bulletin board (like usual). To my surprise there was an obituary of an older lady from the Pentecostal Church that I know well. Guess what! The funeral was today & I had just enough time to walk to the cemetery. Amazing! While there I saw many people I haven't seen in a long time. They were very glad to see me and encouraged me to contact them. And one of the older Sisters in the church was so glad to see me because she needed to ask my forgiveness for treating me badly a year or so ago. God is so good.

So, I started to trek home. By this time I was a bit frozen. The weather had been threatening snow the whole service (I was standing outside the entire time as the place was quite small). During the walk to the center I was debating whether or not I should stop for a drink of something hot before continuing home. At the last minute I thought what the heck why not. I walked in the door to the one and only cafe thinking I'll have to sit alone at the bar. To my surprise a friend was sitting alone in the first booth. How cool is that?!

I'm glad that Jesus is patient with me and He is willing to teach me old lessons again and again.

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