Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Journal Entry for November 5, 2007
I thought I would share with you what God put on my heart that day.
It is obvious Lord that you have done work in my heart. I can tell because of my spontaneous responses:
Saturday as I drove to Krakow and the rain began to cross over into snow the thought "COOL!" flashed into my mind.
Then again today as I sat looking out the window at breakfast - the rain turned to hail and the roofs began to turn white "Thank you Lord for winter"
When I saw Mrs. Kolwalczyk - "Lord, bless her"
Then getting out of the shower this morning I felt like the "Barren Woman" from Isaiah who had had many children and that I was the Proverbs 31 woman whose children have raised up and called "her blessed".
Isaiah 40:2b Tell her that her sad days are gone and her sins are pardoned. Yes, the Lord has punished her twice over for all her sins.
Lord, thank you for your forgiveness. I really do sense that my sad days are gone. There is a lightness in my heart and a spring in my step even though the muscles in my leg are still a bit strained.



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God Bless,

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Sabina said...

this entry makes me happy for you! I'm so glad God is working and changing things in your heart and around you : )I'm sending you lots of hugs ;)