Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Normal PT Day?

Today was my last day of Physical Therapy before going to the USA for 6 weeks. There seems to be progress but of course it is not as quick as I would like. My therapist Wojek is a very kind man who is compentent and pleasant to be with. Today like most days he starts with massaging my leg and foot, followed by various forms of "torture", ending with the comic relief of me attempting excersizes I'm not always sure I could before I broke my leg.

But today was a bit different. Wojek wasn't his usual pleasant self. After a few open and caring questions he shared with me the pain in his heart. His relationship with his long time girlfriend of 2 years had come to an end. Please pray for him that God would bring healing and hope. And that I would have the language and sensitivity to share the hope of Jesus into his life.

My therapy days are usually filled with meetings with various friends as well. Today was no exception. Before therapy I got the pleasure of taking to friends to the airport who will be taking care of things here in Poland while I'm gone. It was a great time of encouragement and peace about how Jesus will take care of things.

After therapy I got meet a friend in Krakow city center. It was a wonderful time of encouraging one another. It was such a delight to see someone who is also "GOOD" and to be able to encourage him to continue in those godly ways even those others would try to bring him down.

Then I met a friend I met last fall when I was volunteering at the American School in Krakow. She so enjoys listening to me talk about how to teach. She is so hungry to hear how to improve her teaching, that today she took my resume and letters of recommendation. She will present them to the Director of the Teacher's College she attended in Krakow. It is always uplifting to know that who I am and what I know can be a blessing to others. Because I know that it is all a gift from Jesus.

I wonder what Jesus is doing in Krakow? I wonder what His plans are for Me?

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