Wednesday, January 18, 2006

God’s Loving Care

I was searching through some “OLD” files, of course looking for something else completely different, when I happened upon a prophesy I wrote years ago for who or what purpose I don’t remember. I can’t even say when exactly it was written as I didn’t put a date on it. I can determine from the paper & it’s discoloration that it was written in the late 70’s early 80’s. I could even think that I didn’t write it except it is in my handwriting.

The Lord and His words of encouragement are so amazing, timeless and timely. When I read these words I was deeply touched as they spoke directly to my heart and my situation today. Here they are:

My child, do not let the words of others influence you – neither their praise nor criticism. Weigh each word for its proper value and bring them all back to Me. Only in communion with Me can you be sure of the Truth.

Your faults and weaknesses can best be helped & corrected by understanding how much you are loved by Me and allowing Me to heal the hurts of your soul. Knowing & experiencing my Perfect love, knowing that you don’t deserve it, will generate more honest humility than a thousand scoldings for obvious failures.

If you will accept My love & My approval, you will be given courage to face your sins & faults & deal with them with more effectively.

I Love you, My Child – My very dear & special child. Through your childhood years I walked very close to you and in your childlike way you were very aware of My presence and reality. You have climbed many a mountain that you could have easily walked around.

I have longed to deliver you from the very pains you have inflicted upon yourself.

I offer you My path now, if you are willing to accept it. Life & freedom, love & joy, health & peace, simplicity & rest are yours to have. All of these blessings have been waiting for you all along.

I don’t want you to work under pressure & tension like a machine – striving to produce, produce. I want you to just LIVE with ME as a PERSON. I have waited for you to wear your self out. I knew you would find it eventually – the secret of silence & rest, of solitude & of song.

I will rebuild your strength – not to work again in foolish & selfish frenzy, but just for the sake of making you strong and fruitful.

Thank you Lord for seeing me and not giving up.

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Paul Nienaber said...

Dear Denise,
My name is Paul Nienaber,I am from Bellevue WA. and am coming to Poland w/ EFSC short term mission in Mar. I read your blog (the first blog I've ever read or responded to)I to have been blessed by the Lord speaking to me and the Lord ALWAYS tells me "I Love you Paul", just like He told you. What a wonderful Savior!!! When we are in Zakopane we will be approx. 45 minutes away from where my Grandfather was raised, "Spisska Nova Ves, Hungry". I only found this place on the map after about an hour, you see it used to be named Iglo, Austria.
so it has taken me some time to locate it. My wife ,Debbie, and I are going to go see this city after the whole trip is done, but if you think that we should do it differently we are open to your suggestions. My e-mail address is Thanks Denise hope to hear from you,
Paul Nienaber