Saturday, December 10, 2005

God Loves Poland

God loves the Polish people. He has uniquely created them for specific purposes in His eternal kingdom. Their determination and ability to survive has equipped them with many skills and talents that have been hidden from view. The Historical and Economical challenges that these precious people have endured are preparing them for a special ministry of healing and hope in God’s family. Yet, I am convinced that God, in His faithfulness will dust away the past so that His glorious creativity will shine through.

God is Perfect and Holy! He never makes mistakes.

Though the hurts and disappointments of life appear to be either God is absent and uninterested or He Himself is the initiator of those problems. The Truth is God is Always present with us. God is constantly calling, drawing, and wooing us to Himself so that we might experience His faithful love and care in the midst of the injustice of this life.

The reality of God’s presence is seen in every act of love, kindness, encouragement, care, service & beauty.

Pray that the Polish People would personally experience God’s loving, care & presence in their everyday life.

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Anonymous said...

I have been praying for Poland lately. I read a little of their history many years ago and found it heart breaking to read of the many invasions they have endured. My husband and I bought our plane tickets today to fly to Poland the end of June 2006. We will be part of a ministry team of pastors going to encourage the churches there. Recently while praying God showed me that just as Poland has been used over and over again as a strategic place for launching a European invasion it is God's plan to move in Poland in a strategic way in order to invade Europe with His plans, purposes and gospel.