Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Life After 60

Most of my days are spent with young adults and I love it.  They are at that time in their life where they are searching for life's purpose. 
What will I be when I grow up?  Who will I marry?  Children?
And other such questions.  It is such a joy to help someone find their place in the world and even more so in God's Kingdom.  It is like they find a deeper peace and contentment when they understand who they are and what they are created for.
Today was a bit different.  I had the priviledge to encourage 3 ladies over 60 to pursue what God has for their lives today.  It was so cool to see a new spark of hope that even now they have a future.  That the God of the universe hasn't forgotten them although their bodies have already labored hard in this life. 
As they prayed for God to help them in this new endeavor...helping "elderly" people, it was as if they grew younger.  Their fears of inability and request for God's help were as if their were 20 again.  I pray that they will see the Lord's hand move mightily through them in the days ahead. 
I wonder what kind of an effect 3 ladies over 60 can have on this small tourist town? 

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