Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homeward Bound

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go....I leave Seattle Wednesday 2:55 PM. Arrive in Frankfurt Germany 9:55 am Thursday for a day of visiting friends. Depart for Krakow @ 4:25 PM & arrive 6:10 PM. I should be home in my own bed by 9:30 Thursday evening.

Jesus has met my needs, desires, hopes & dreams far beyond what I ever think or imagine.

In Brief:

  1. My re-finance closes today @ a lower rate that allows me to payoff my credit card debt, & to get some cash to be used towards a newer car in Poland.

  2. Jesus gave me the camera of my dreams in time for me to test it & work out the bugs before leaving for Poland.

  3. I have been able to establish meaningful relationships with my nieces & nephew...before this trip they had barely met me.

  4. Jesus has opened doors to the hearts of a number of Foursquare pastors who have become friends & co-laborers in Christ.

  5. Attended a Mariner's Game in LA when the M's won 5:2

  6. I now feel like I have a network of relationships to support of me & the work in Poland. It is like having roots that run deep & provide stability versus being a tumbleweed.

  7. I have been encouraged spiritually & emotionally that have strengthen me & given me a fresh perspective.

  8. I had vacation on the Oregon Coast, Sequim, & Disneyland.

  9. I attended the Foursquare National convention with 4000 of my new best friends.

Please pray for:

  1. safe travels

  2. Smooth transition
  3. Eyes to see where Jesus is working NOW

Thanks for all your faithful prayers, encouragement, & support,

In Christ,


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