Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coming Home

Last week at this time my plane had just taken off from SeaTac headed for Frankfurt Germany & Krakow Poland. It would have been good if I had actually slept on the plane but.... I landed on time in Frankfurt to be greeted by my dear friend Petra. We went to the center of town to be joined by another dear friend for an early lunch & lots of catching up. Then off to the airport & on to Krakow where 2 of the "men" in my life picked me up to take me home.

The week has been sprinkled with phone calls & greetings from friends & neighbors who have missed me. Saturday there was a prayer meeting I was able to join & later that day there was a welcome home party. Now if I can just get on the right sleep schedule all will be well with the world.
It's funny .... it used to be that I would sense the spiritual heaviness when I would come & go from Poland. It was even difficult to breath but this time after being gone for such a long time (the longest I've been away from Poland in 23 years) I actually could breath easier once I got here.

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Matthias Nowak said...

Hi Denise, welcome back in Europe/Poland. Great to hear that you had a good return and that the "spiritual" sense was different then the times bevor.
I am looking forward to reconnect with you after having seen you last time at a wedding in Aptos/CA.
Many greetings, Matthias