Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weathering the weather of Life

I don't know what life has been like for you lately but for me the circumstances in my life have covered the full spectrum of the weather man's forcasts. I realize that my goal as Christian is to firmly plant my feet on the Rock of Jesus in the midsts of the storms of life. Not so long ago I was encouraging myself and others to abide in the "eye of the storm" where there is the stillness and Peace of Jesus. The overwhelming circumstances of today it feel more like an avalanche! When an avalanche comes there is little or no warning and it rushing in overtaking everything, destroying, upsetting, crushing, pressing in all around, sucking the very air out of life, etc. There is no "eye" in the storm in which to find peace. There is no "solid rock" on which to firmly stand.
Jesus where are you? How do I find my footing? How do I get out of this or through this? It is just TOO much! It is so hard to even find my breathe.

In the midst of my panic I hear that still small voice of my most faithful friend, Jesus. "Here I am!" "I AM Here!" "Take my hand" "I have weathered every weather known & unknown to man" "Take my hand and walk with me...I will show you the way through even this avalanche" "Just Trust Me!" "I AM Greater than even all these circumstances!"

Jesus help me to seek YOU in the midst of the avalanches in my life. Help me to trust you and to listen for your voice and to recieve your help, comfort and encouragement.

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