Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I recently turned 50. Some people would say that I should talk about how old I am, especially being a woman and all but somehow by talking about it I'm able to get my head around it a bit. I have always looked younger than my age. As a matter of fact, my first year teaching the custodian tried to remove me from the teacher's lounge. In the end he was so embarrassed that all my requests for maintaince were completed first.
Now I find myself reflecting more....
Reflecting on what the Lord has done in my life, what I have learned and am learning, and the adventures I have had with Jesus. Lately, this has translated into "Stories". Sometimes even "I remember when...stories". Fortunately, they are not about walking to school in the middle of winter in 5 feet of snow. But rather stories of lessons with Jesus. Sometimes I really feel like Jesus sitting with his disciples and just telling stories about life as it is and how it is in the Kingdom.
Next week I will start a Bible Study and it is interesting as the passage I felt that we were to use is the Sermon on the Mount of Olives. It is that image of Jesus just hanging out with his friends and telling stories. Stories about life.

I got a bit distracted...My Birthday!
I had a week long celebration. It started with my good friend from Seattle coming for a visit together with her daughter. It was particularly special as this person was the one who really show me the love and character of Jesus. So, at my party I was able to share with the 20+ people who were there that my being here in Poland is a direct result of this one individual being faithful to be herself and let Jesus redeem and work through her. And if she hadn't been obedient then I wouldn't have known the Love of Jesus and I never would have come to Poland. It was also interesting because I had invited a variety of individuals but in the end most of the people who came were my "Kids", of the 22 people who were there 18 were under 35.

What does this all mean? Or what is the significance?
It's hard to say...
I guess, that when a person racks up 50 years of life they want to know that their time here on earth has meant something. And for me, not ever having any children of my own there is always the question what kind of a heirtage have/will I left behind?

I think that the party demonstrated, at least to me, that I have in fact touched lives. Eighteen young people have come to know the life and character of Jesus. They may or may not be walking with Him but they have come in contact with His love and care.
Pray for me as I continue to encourage these young people, tell them stories and show them the Love of the Father.

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