Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finding the HUB in my life

It's strange how one can live for years even knowing and serving Jesus, yet not really fully living the abundant life. I realize that I have missed knowing the fullness that Christ has to offer because I was too busy doing the "right thing" and sometimes even for the "right reason".

I don't think that I would have done/or made any different decisions but how I lived out those decisions would have a different look.

Never before have I felt such an intense need for the presence of Jesus in my life. He has truly become my "Daily Bread" that nuritious and strengthens me. He is my very "breath" without communication with Him throughout the day it is as if I have an asthma attack.

There is nothing legalistic about it but I almost experience a physical reaction.

It is strange yet at the same time comforting to know that my Lord is that close and that my awareness of His presence has become that sensitive. I have no desire to have anything less.

I was reading a devotional book that discribed it as a wagon wheel. The Hub is the center of my life, the heart, my life with Jesus. The spokes are life's things that distract me and draw me away from the source of life.

Sometimes I feel like I live my life either jumping from spoke to spoke or running along the outter rim of the wheel struggling to keep up. I realize now that I was just wearing myself out. I wasn't able to fully experience and appreciate the "spokes" in my life; the people, places, opportunities. I was too exhausted to know what was right before my eyes.

Lately, I find myself RUNNING to be in the HUB. I find great joy and peace just sitting in the HUB. The interesting thing about being in the HUB is I actually have time and energy to experience and enjoy each and every spoke in its time. Another thing is that "work" that I thought was SO important for me to accomplish and kept me running around in circles, or from spoke to spoke, is actually completed by the "gravity" and momenteum of the wheels movement around the HUB.

In the HUB there is solitude, it is never lonely. The motion and potential chaos of the spokes never dislodge the HUB's peace. The depth of the relationship found in the HUB radiates to each and every spoke. It is never ending as the HUB is in constant communion.

Jesus, help me to live my life from the HUB where you are. When I find the chaos of life creeping in help me to find my way back to the HUB where my heart & soul find peace and I can breathe the breath of life once again.


Arie Uittenbogaard said...

Hear, hear. Great piece. Even from so far away your writing lifts me up.

Lindiana Jones said...

Thank you for being so honest and open about your walk! It is so encouraging and inspiring!

journeyofheart said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I always wonder if anyone ever reads what I write.