Sunday, May 18, 2008

Missions: Where is the greatest need?

Many Christians are interested in being used by God in the mission field. We often hear the concern for the lost in the "10/40 window". There are concerns for the Aids victims in Africa and the political unrest there that threatens the lives of 100,000's of people. We are challenged to pray for the persecution in the Muslim areas of the world or what is left of the Communist ruled countries. Or maybe you have heard about the horrid living conditions in the Phillipino slums. Then of course there are always the multitude of options right outside our doors at home.

This week I was meeting with a pastor friend of mine in Krakow and he slipped an interesting flier into my hand that I would like to share with you.

* In an article printed in Evangelical Missions Quarterly; April 2004, one country topped the list for having a need for church planting missionaries.
* Based on the "N" Formula, this country is 10,000 times more needy than Papua New Guinea or over 200 times more so than Mexico.
* There are cities in other countries with more missionaries than this entire country.
* As a percentage of the population, there are 4 times less Evangelical Christians living in this country than there are in Saudi Arabia.
* There are nearly 1 million people per church planting unit in this country.
* Of the nearly 2500 counties in this country, 2219 have no Evangelical church of any kind within their borders.
* Within these 2219 "white spots" a total of 600 people die each day - with little or no exposure to the love and grace of the gospel.

The country?


Please Pray with us:
  1. For more workers for the harvest
  2. For people to stand along side those currently laboring in the fields and lift up their weary arms.
  3. For Polish believers to have the courage to stand for the truth of the gospel regardless of what others may think or say.
  4. For what and how God would have you be involved

Just in case you were wondering I live in a "white area" and Krakow is red but there are over a million people in Krakow.

These statistics were taken from the following sources:

  1. "Where are Pioneer Missionaries Needed? by Marten Visser. Published in Evangelical Missions Quarterly; April 2004, pp. 220-227.
  2. Operation World; Patrick Johnstone; 2001
  3. GUS (Głowny Urząd Statystyczny), Official government statistical information service


John Kalb said...


I happened to hit this very interesting post shortly after deciding that I wanted to do a short-term mission to Poland.

Any good people for me to contact?

c.w. goad said...

Very interesting and insightful. We are missions team leaders at our church. Thanks for sharing.

Lindiana Jones said...

I was so amazed to read that Poland has fewer Christians than Saudi Arabia! Wow! I WILL be praying for the work you are doing.