Wednesday, June 07, 2006

“Jaws” Revisited

Dundant! Dundant! Dundant! Dundant! Dundant!

That familiar theme song of the eminent attack of the giant shark Jaws has been running through my head for the last few weeks. Not because I live close to the sea, far from it actually.

About a year and a half ago news made it’s way through the grapevine that all of the houses and apartments in my complex were going to change their heating source. But like most such pieces of info the locals take it with a grain of salt and wait to see if it really happens.

As time has past the info has gone from a mirage to promise to a threat and a “real and present danger” to the reality of the ever approaching Jaws of destruction. The last few weeks have seen the fruit of it all. It started in the bottom apartment in my stairwell and worked its way up the stairs and finally into my apartment.

You may be wondering what this all means? Well, for me it means that in every room the radiators have been replaced, the main bathroom is in the process of being gutted, and new pipes from the new heating system to the radiators in every room has been installed. And lots and lots of dust not to mention the DUST.

The monetary cost is still being tallied but somewhere between $3000-$5000.

But don’t we know that in ALL things God works for our good. This heat conversion is not optional. If I didn’t do this conversion come September there would be no heat as the contract for the central heating from the plant has been canceled by the whole neighborhood. The upside is that my heat costs should be lower as a result. I will also have the option of having heat in the Spring and Summer when the plant usually doesn’t heat. This will also be a reduction of costs as I won’t have to use space heaters. And the new heat system will also heat my water. This is also a great bonus; as my hot water tank is on its last leg and not very efficient. Finally, it provides the opportunity to remodel the bathroom which is the only room in the apartment that has never been touched. This means I can finally put in a proper high voltage cable to the oven so I won’t keep popping the fuse.

I know that He will provide the funds needed for the repair.

Yet, what is God doing in the mist of all this chaos and dust? Believe it or not…it has been the open door to the neighbors that I could never have anticipated. I have been invited to socialize with 3 different neighbors and I have been in the homes of all the neighbors in my stairwell. Who would have thought? Praise God for “Jaws” of all different sizes and shapes.
(Pictures to come)

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TravisM said...

Cool, we can't wait to see it all.. We are looking into some language school options right now... waiting to hear from some... By the end of next week a answer should be here.