Saturday, July 02, 2005

Song of Passion

Today I was visiting Wroclaw, Poland with my good friend Carol. We decided to take a few days of vacation and enjoy the sites and sounds of big city life. Wroclaw is a beautiful city with a unique style center. There is a wide variety of intricate and ornate building facades which seem to captivate my attention. The photographer’s heart within me is constantly frustrated by my apparent inability to capture the detail and intricacy of the various buildings that surround the center.

Like many old cities in Europe during the summer months the want-to-be artisans, musicians, artists, human statues of every type, shape and size had come to the center of Wroclaw to try their hand at their craft with hopes of making a bit of money on the side. In the nine years of living in Europe and the ten of traveling here I have seen and experienced just about every possible combination of art and talent or the lack thereof.

But today…something caught, no grabbed, and no captivated my attention. It wasn’t the living statue waving at the bashful little girls hiding behind their mother, nor the 50+ Harley Davidson motorcycle riders celebrating 35 years of their club in Wroclaw.

No it was something much more profound. PASSION! HOPE! BEAUTY NOT OF THIS WORLD! It was music that touched me so deeply; even now I could burst into tears. In the natural this simple woman in plain white jeans and red T-shirt, holding her white cane and playing background music from a small tape recorder was nothing to take notice of.

It was something about her voice that reflected the beauty of her creator. Her song seemed to follow me everywhere I walked in the city. It was as if every cell within her glorified the Lord.

I pray that I would worship my King with such PASSION, HOPE, and GRATFULNESS everyday.


J.R. Freiberg said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of Poland with us and more importantly the beauty of the Creator in His creations!

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