Friday, March 11, 2005

Weather is an interesting phenomenon.

For example, Snow! When I lived in Seattle snowfall was always a holiday. NO SCHOOL! As a teacher that meant no work as well. It was as if I would get an unexpected, unplanned day free. It was a day to relax, catch up on things I could never find time to do, and sometimes it even was a day to play; sled, snowball fights, show kindness to neighbors (shoveling their walks), etc.

I have always enjoyed the silence that comes with snow. There is a special quietness that makes me reflect on the storms the usually rage in life. It is at those moments that I notice how loud my world normally is. The blanket of snow that floats down to the earth dampens the chaos that can surround me and brings a certain calm.

Living in the mountains of southern Poland I have gained a new perspective of snow & winter. Last year it seemed to come and go, come and go, come and go from November through May, giving me the feeling that Spring was teasing me. It would be here one day and then gone as quickly as it came. I found my heart being filled with hope only to have it dashed.

This year is equally interesting. The snow itself was somewhat illusive, pretending or even threatening to not come at all. Then, almost out of nowhere it started to snow…and snow… and snow. I spent 2 weeks in the US and upon returning I discovered it had been snowing the whole time I had been gone. This meant that instead of a “holiday” I spent 30+ minutes digging my car out before I could put my luggage in and start the drive home.

Today as I write this it is SNOWING AGAIN! The roads resemble tunnels. There are no longer places to put the “excess” snow, let alone drive or park. Most everyone is resigned to the idea that Easter Sunday will be more WHITE than Christmas was. Oh, for a day to be able to wear “normal” shoes and a T-shirt. I vaguely remember such a day. My hope is that Spring will come and it will stay until Summer.

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TravisM said...

Wow. Here it's been nearly 70 degrees for the past two weeks, maybe even longer, it hasnt' rained since sometime in January. It's very odd.