Thursday, March 17, 2005


It is amazing how in one week’s time everything changes or at least my perspective of it. Last week it was snowing and it felt like winter would never end. Sunday when I left church I discovered that my car was hidden not under a delicate blanket of snow but a pile. Today the sun is shining and the temperature is well above freezing, almost 50 F. Yesterday I heard birds singing.

It is a wonder how the human body reacts to such simple things like sun. Everyone seems to have a sense of new hope, that winter is over and live takes on a whole new look. Life itself and the situations of life have not changed just the weather. It’s warmer! (I decided to wear my new tennis shoes). There are still piles of snow all around but with each ray of sun those piles shrink.

In my heart I hope that this it truly the beginning of spring and not just a temporary respite from winter.

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