Saturday, December 31, 2011

Women of Hope & Living Beyond the Frame

Cheryl teaching & Natalia translating
October seems like a lifetime ago...well, I guess it is as tomorrow we will ring in the New Year. But I would be remiss if I didn't share with you the amazing 2 weeks we had with my special friend Cheryl Harris.This was Cheryl's second visit in as many years. And though the main purpose for her visit both times has been to be the main speaker at our Women's Retreat (this year Women of Hope), everyone who exercised their opportunity to hear her were greatly blessed.
The Women's retreat had more than 20 women who attended. They came from as far away as Denmark & Germany, some came for the day (Saturday) and others took up the challenge to drive from Warsaw (8 hours) for the weekend, some took the risk to come from the village to attend their 1st ever "non-Catholic" church event.
Cheryl brought an amazing message of HOPE to these women. They learned how God in His great mercy prepares us through the "plagues" of life, for unbelievable tasks that bring God glory. That our "lame excuses" of lack of: identity, authority, knowledge of God, & ability, are all opportunities for God to meet us in His presence with keys that unlock His kingdom in our lives & the lives of others.
I think something that is engraved in every one's mind is....

The Cure for whatever is stopping you, whatever you are afraid of, whatever is worrying you or preventing you from doing what God has planned for your life is...THE PRESENCE OF GOD!

Finally...we learned:
  1. ALWAYS REMEMBER....God is with you
  2. NEVER FORGET.....that if you don't sense His moved
  3. SING A remember all He has done for you
  4. What "Label" is keeping you from God's best?
  5. PICK UP A something tangible to help you remember God's faithfulness
Pastor Jerzy & Cheryl
Cheryl's visit was a blessing to me personally as ....WE LAUGHED....A LOT!
We hung out at the new hot spring spa & just talked.
Then we hit the road....
The women from Warsaw were so excited about what they learned that the retreat that we were invited to their church. Cheryl taught 2 intensive evenings. Even so, we managed to sneak in a trip to the hair salon, where 2 of the gals from the church blessed us with new dos & a quick tour of the Old Town with the pastors.
"World Changers"
Then back on the road to Maniowy...a village near Nowy Targ where Cheryl was able to help some young women begin to explored their giftedness, so that they will be better able to work together to serve their community.
Sunday it was back to Krakow where Cheryl shared in the Church of God that I'm in relationship with. It was wonderful because a young woman who had attended the retreat..."took the bull by the horns" & faced her fear. She translated for the 1st time :) I'm so proud of her.

I'm so grateful to the Lord for putting Cheryl in my life & the blessing of her teaching! If you EVER have the chance to hear Cheryl Harris teach you will be deeply blessed. Click this link for an overview of the message we heard:

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