Saturday, November 15, 2008

Culture Shock

For me the biggest culture shock about being in the US is the spiritual life. I'm sure for many who live here it is easy to become discouraged by the deterioration of Christian values & in some cases even freedoms, but for me is it an oasis of rich Christian blessings.

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to Marysville for the 40th anniversary of Pinewood Elementary, where I was part of a team, 18 years ago (Yikes), that piloted the elementary school counseling program. But before the festivities began I got to spend the day in the local Starbucks. I tried to mind my own business but I was constantly being distracted by people: engaged in Bible Study, talk of what the Lord is doing in their lives, disciplining one another, or talk of praying for others that weren't there. These were people of every age and walk of life. A group of middle aged ladies for a day out. A woman teaching a younger woman how to live a life devoted to Christ. A group of teens just randomly talking about their lives and freely sharing their personal relationships with a living God.

It was amazing to not be the only one with a Bible and notebook sitting on their table. I don't know but as Thanksgiving draws near I'm always reminded at just how VERY blessed I am. All the opportunities, privileges and resources I have been graced with.

I challenge you to look for God's blessings in this day...and thank God and those around you.

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