Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all of you who have been praying for me during this remodel. It has truly been a challenge far beyond anything I could have anticipated. Tomorrow they will check the gas connection. I continue to work on some of the details each day...Attaching molding, cutting the molding for around the new doors, putting in door jams. Little by little the apartment is being put back together.

Along with the lose ends comes the final bills. Like many of you, I have been curious about what all of this would cost. Pre-work bids aren't really done here so it has been quite the stretch of faith. Praise God that labor costs are usually lower than in the US or Western Europe.

So, How much has it cost?
Building supplies: $750
Heat conversion: $4450
Materials for redoing the Bath: $1900
Paint: $670
Doors: $370
miss Labor: $1400
Total Cost to date: $9540

Some of you may be wondering where this missionary "found" that kind of money. The Lord has blessed me with a few stocks that I had been saving for retirement. If you would like to help replenish my retirement fund the donation info is on this page.

The Lord has been so faithful through your prayers and giving. I have been able to meet all my financial obligations in a timely manner, even during the summer months when I have no money for teaching. This has a particular challenge to really trust the Lord during this time of huge financial expenses.

I am always amazed that the church in Zakopane is able to pay the rent every month, as well. We have been in the space in Zakopane over 2 years now. Our little space costs a reasonable (for the area) $270 a month including utilities. The Lord faithfully blesses this handful of retires & students to maintain this facility. How? Only Jesus can explain how the fish and loaves can feed 5000.

Thanks to your faithfulness and prayers.

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Linda Medill MacDonald said...

Denise --
This is your old pal Linda Medill. I went through a horrible, devastating, hurtful, unwanted divorce from my beloved husband -- which was why I had to stop supporting you. It was crisis time. I'd love to catch you up with how I'm doing and be in touch again, now that the Lord has me standing on my feet again. I am still financially strapped, but for good reasons which I will be glad to fill you in on. Please write --

I'd love to send you this year's Christmas letter, too.