Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Effects of Uturn

Being a season camp both camper and counselor I am well aware of the euphoria that is often experienced and the let down (or sometimes crash) that follows upon re-entry to everyday life. For our campers this is a very new experience. I got reports from most of them after the first week. It had been a difficult time but most of them are determined to press forward with what they had learned. They were all very gratful that Dan (Russell - see earlier picture) had provided them with a follow-up Bible Study. They decided that they wanted to start meeting regularly to worship, pray, and encourage one another. Tomorrow, Friday 13 August will be the 1st such meeting. Pray that their commitment to each other with strengthen and grow as they spend time together.
It is also encouraging that one of the young dutch guys we met at camp has decided to come visit in September. We are all looking forward to a great time of fun and fellowship with Johan.
I would also appreciate your prayers as I have been having a particularly difficult time emotionally.

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